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Zoo Field Trip - Pretzel Day - Milky Way

Students in grades kindergarten, first, and second went on a field trip to Living Treasures in New Castle, PA this month. They enjoyed seeing all of the animals up close and personal. When they arrived it was time to bottle feed most of the animals so the students were able to help the workers to feed the baby goats and llamas their breakfast in the petting zoo. They also enjoyed going over to the giraffes and feeding them carrots right out of their hands! They were able to see many other large animals like zebras, buffalo, lions and tigers. They also fed baby kangaroos and watched monkeys leap in their cages. Most of the student favorite part of the trip was the bird area. They went inside with food in their hands and the birds would land on them and eat right out of their palms! When we got back the first and second graders wrote about their favorite animal at the park and drew lovely pictures to go with them. They had a great time learning so much about all of the animals!

Kindergarten and their fourth grade buddies celebrated, National Pretzel Day, making letter pretzels. While they were baking the students colored spring pictures and practiced addition facts.

The third grade has been busy in Science class learning about the planets, their orbits, satellites, and the temperature on each of the planets. Each student was assigned a project to create their own Milky Way!